Libresse – Viva La Vulva

Director –  Kim Gehrig @ Somesuch

Lurpark Where There Are Cooks

Director – Kim Gehrig @ Somesuch

Virgin Media I Can Do Anyth-ing

Director – Raine Allen Miller @ Somesuch

Libresse #WombStories

Director – Nisha Ganatra @ Chelsea

Squarespace All You Need To Launch A Cult Skate Brand

Director – Raine Allen Miller @ Somesuch

Stella McCartney POP Fragrance

Director – Leonn Ward @ Black Dog Films

Huawei Rewrite The Rules

Director – Jonas & Julien @ Radical Media

Hyundai Drummer

Director – Saam Farahmand

Kirin J. Callinan You Think You’re A Man

Director – Kim Gehrig @ Revolver x Somesuch

Kasabian You’re In Love With a Psycho

Director – W.I.Z. @ My Accomplice

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