Bloom and Wild Big Sis

Director: Jack Driscol

Nike Dream For The Next You

Director – Billy Boyd Cape

Playstation The Drop

Director – Mischa Rozema

Lucozade Three Lionesses

Director – Jack Driscoll

Hyundai Manifesto

Director – Jack Driscoll

London Knife Crime London Needs You Alive

Director – Novemba Films

Marshall Voice Speakers

Director – Kevin Castanheira

Nike Be The Baddest

Director – Anthony Mandler

Huawei Storysign

Director – Chris Overton

Adidas Sorry

Director – Novemba

Facebook Wish Bigger

Director – Novemba

Huawei Renaissance

Director – Anders Jedenfors

EnBW Emobility

Director – Jack Driscoll

Huawei Snap Don’t Shoot

Director – Jeff Darling

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